Aunsoft Video Converter Review

Some of my friends have asked me what I use to convert videos to place onto my Droid X, Xoom and my wife’s Ipad. I always tell them Aunsoft Video Converter.

I have tried other converters, but found Aunsofts to be the best one I have used.

It’s intuitive to use with the simple drag and drop interface. You then select the profile you would like to export the video out to, in my case, it’s usually for either my Droid X or Xoom. If you are a Apple user, not problem there either, it has plenty of different profiles to work with many different devices. After that, you simply tell it where to save the converted file and hit the large convert button. I’m not sure if it could be any easier to use.

It does allow you to tinker around with the settings if you are comfortable doing that. The profiles are all editable and allow you to change the resolutions, bit rates etc… I have created different profiles to get the most out of certain movies and then use the standard ones for everything else. It’s great having the option to do that.

I also like the look of the software. It’s easy on the eyes with windows where you would expect them. You don’t even need to read directions to get going, the conversion steps are laid out in the interface in an intuitive way. You install it, click, click, click and your video is ready to be played on the device of your choice.

I think a good question to ask yourself when you evaluate software is, would you buy it again? I certainly would.


~ by dogfacedboy on November 22, 2011.

One Response to “Aunsoft Video Converter Review”

  1. A very nice review and a good program 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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